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Fondue Ice-cream Fondue Ice-cream

Rated 4 / 5 stars


That's a really great game however it taken me quite a while to get my heads around the controls, the tutorial wasn't particularly helpful in that regard either. If the game didn't look so polished I definitely wouldn't have bothered persevering with the obtuse controls. Some sound effects for scoop noises and for when you press the wrong key or something would be really helpful.

Proximity Proximity

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very good

That's a really solid and original game. I suppose more options would be beneficial and maybe the option of more players in one game but that's besides the point that it is a really interesting game, and is small too.

cableshaft responds:

I could probably optimize it and get it under 100KB, but I was already worried that the small file size would set off a trigger in the blamseekers minds and they'd zero it without trying it. As for options, I'm open to hearing any ideas for new options you might have. More players is a good one, and one I will probably implement eventually (the code is easily expandable for more players, but the layout isn't).

Puzzles v1.0 Puzzles v1.0

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

The 'not everything is an illusion' puzzle was pretty good. The 'pick the exact colour' seemed a bit easy becuase only the correct colour was enabled as a button?
You could do with making the backgrounds to some of the puzzles more interesting, such as the colour spectrum ones or the oldest game one where it wouldn't effect the puzzle. Perhaps a delay between puzzles would help as well.
Also, despite the music being quite good, it would get very annoying if you had to repeatedly restart it. A music off button would be nice.
Some puzzles not based on clicking on the right area of the screen (if you were persistant enough, you could guess your way through the whole quiz).
Some of the earlier puzzles were either too easy to be worth bothering with or were disproportionately hard. I completed the video game puzzle through trial and error. The difficulty also soared on later puzzles, maybe it would be better to have more mid-range puzzles or to let users complete each puzzle in any order perhaps through a menu of some kind.
I doubt few would have the patience to bother working their way to the end. I mean you don't want to make the puzzles too easy but many of the later puzzles were either very obscure or just lacked any kind of logic. You don't want the puzzles so hard the majority of people can't for one reason or annother get to the end.
Overall a very interesting and different puzzle game despite it's lacking in technical flair and not being very well paced.

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omega3D responds:

Well, first of all I'd like to thank you on making a long review. Those short ones don't give enough in-depth coverage to tell me what the hell they're talking about. Well, I guess the easiest way of responding would be to say just about everything that you said was negitive (with the exception of the color spectrum and the exact color, which was a cliche I never fixed), I actually did on purpose (So that you don't misunderstand me, I am not saying I do not like your review). For instance... this puzzle game was neither too easy nor too hard, because it fills the aspects of both worlds. At the begining it is easy, at the end it is hard, in the middle it is about medium. I tried to please everyone.
Once again, thank you.
-- James Watkins, 13yrs old
P.S.(The reason I gave you my age and name is for the game.)