Entry #25


2011-10-29 10:24:36 by Extar

More music. Quake had a brilliant soundtrack, and I especially like the theme. Here is my version.


-Uploading the thumbnail for this song was a pain; for some reason it kept getting flagged up as having a transparency layer, and for some reason NG still doesn't support that.
-Have PNG files never been supported in posts? What's going on here?
-Since I'm airing my grievances. Genres: sort them out. Either make them like tags (see: Soundcloud) or get rid of them entirely. Being forced to pigeon-hole your music into one of a few narrow and quite specific genres is ridiculous. Seriously where do I put Industrial Metal? If there actually was someone looking for music for a flash animation (that's what the Audio Portal is supposed to be for, right?) I can't see how the genre categories would help them either.
-Also, this website looks really bad if you happen to increase the text size in Windows. What can I say, reading tiny, tiny text hurts my eyes.




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